October 24th: Lost in Transformation - Thomas Auer @ NORR

Thomas Auer- Lost in Transformation

NORR ed – Teach, Learn, Improve Continuously
October 24th, Time: 12:00 - 2:00 PM ET
via Zoom, later also on Youtube

In order to get to a carbon neutral building stock – which is e.g. required by the EU Carbon roadmap by 2050 – our efforts need to be smart and holistic on all scales of design. At the same time, it is essential that a transformation of the build environment lead to healthy, comfortable and inspirational environments – indoors as well as outdoors. Over the past decades a steady state, homogeneous environment was considered comfortable. This leads to complex, highly installed buildings, often not providing user satisfaction nor inspirational atmospheres. Instead, designer should aim for environments, which rely on human sensory perception and passive control strategies instead of high-tech solutions.

Building upon the results of the "einfach bauen" research cluster at the Technical University of Munich, three research buildings were built in Bad Aibling by the B&O Group (design: Florian Nagler Architekten). "Einfach bauen (build simple) aims to mark the starting point for a new building design, contrary to the growing complexity of buildings and thus provide an important impetus in the German construction industry" (www.einfach-bauen.net). The hypothesis on robustness developed in theoretical research is tested in practice.

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