Léna Obrecht @ Liechtenstein School of Architecture (LSA)

Léna Obrecht is pleased to contribute to the «B_Upcycling: Klimafittes Bauen» section of the studio of Anna Heringer and Martin Mackowitz at the Liechtenstein School of Architecture. Léna will give an "Introduction to Climate Responsive Design" for 1st and 3rd year students on Thursday, March 28th. The student project review workshop will follow on April 18th. Léna is working with Studio Anna Heringer on our joint project in Ghana the Educational Campus in Tatale.

The Liechtenstein School of Architecture is committed to sustainable design and construction. Research and teaching is focused on spatial responses to climate change, resource scarcity and urbanisation processes. The LSA creates, teaches and cultivates knowledge for the benefit of society and the environment. They aim to equip architects with the skills to meet global and local challenges with innovative, sustainable and liveable solutions.