#tstransition Tommaso Bitossi: Sufficiency before efficiency

Sufficiency before efficiency – thoughtful design minimizes resource usage

My motivation is deeply rooted in a personal awareness of resource scarcity, a value ingrained in me since childhood: I hate wastefulness.
This and my belief in a collaborative process where each design gesture has a purpose aligns with Transsolar's mission.

A well-thought-out design can significantly reduce resource consumption.
I don't believe in aesthetics-driven design; instead, I find beauty in a building's form that clearly expresses its function.

Sufficiency before efficiency – that's the motto I have believed in ever since my mentor, Thomas Auer, introduced me to the concept of ‘Suffizienz’.
Why maintain a home at 72°F to spend a summer day indoors wrapped in a blanket?
Why over-engineer a building and invest in unnecessary systems?
It all feels superfluous to me, like putting French fries on top of a Pizza Margherita.

Tommaso Bitossi is one of the ten new Associate Partners who will acquire shares in Transsolar and Transplan in the near future. With the ten new Associate Partners, we begin to diversify and build a solid foundation on which the generational transition can advance in a continuous and open way.