Tommaso Bitossi @ Milano Workshop "Transport Planning: From Theory to Practice"

Transport Planning: From Theory to Practice
A workshop held by MIC-HUB at Politecnico di Milano

The numerous challenges facing our society today calls for a new way of designing our mobility.
We have to redesign roads, putting collective life at the centre, and not cars.
This workshop promotes a multidisciplinary approach to transport planning at the intersection of urban and infrastructure design, landscape architecture, and data and spatial analytics, aiming to provide effective solutions to a changing society.

July 26th with Tommaso Bitossi: “Urban Transportation and Outdoor comfort"

The Gardiner, Toronto. How to embrace the presence of a municipal expressway from the sixties to provide a vibrant and comfortable city. Thermal and visual comfort, heat island effects, water management and resiliency towards a warmer future as key factors to re-think the built environment.