Tommaso Bitossi selected Fellow of Rewire: Remake NYC a climate positive city

Tommaso Bitossi has been selected as one of 47 Fellows into a Rewire working group:

"I am excited to be joining Urban Design Forum’s Rewire initiative. I will participate in the Green Homes working group, exploring how to accelerate energy retrofits in our existing residential buildings, while also supporting affordable living. I believe I can especially contribute to this topic, since I had the opportunity to work on many housing projects in the past. There is a massive scalable problem we need to solve, as it has such a great impact on the CO2 emissions of the cities. Transsolar is also now part of Urban Design Forum to strengthen our relationship with the local discourse."

Rewire: The 2024 Next New York initiative hosted by Urban Design Forum explores how the existing city can be reshaped to build climate positive neighborhoods. Through public programs and working groups, Fellows will advance ideas to adapt existing buildings and public spaces to reduce carbon and protect from climate impacts.

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