Limberlost Place: Listed 1 of 10 landmark projects shaping architecture in 2024

Azure Magazine’s list of the 10 Landmark Projects Shaping Architecture in 2024 includes Limberlost Place at George Brown College in Toronto.

Limberlost Place will be Ontario’s first mass-timber, low-carbon institutional building. The 10-storey structure is planned as part of the Waterfront Campus; it was an award-winning design from an international competition by Moriyama Teshima Architects and Acton Ostry Architects.

Transsolar worked collaboratively with the team to design a climate-responsive façade with an integrated ventilation concept that encourages flow of natural air and daylight into all student spaces. The building will also be home to Canada's first Tall Wood Research Institute, dedicated to sharing experience, ideas and research into solid wood construction. We all cannot wait for the construction to be complete so everyone can enjoy this fantastic building.

Construction photograph was taken by Salina Kassam