#tstransition Raphael Lafargue: Exploring new horizons

Exploring new horizons – using physical principles and calculations to turn concepts into practice

I love exploring new horizons and am fascinated by calculating natural phenomena to utilize them in a technically meaningful way. This is an ongoing development that continuously presents new opportunities. Perhaps there's a connection to a previous career aspiration of becoming a pilot, as a climate engineer allows me to navigate boundary areas, relying on physics and robust technology.

Even art installations often require the utmost precision, demanding a detailed understanding of physical phenomena to achieve desired effects seemingly free of technology My aim is to devise the optimal solution and support the strategy with calculations to make it happen. For instance, in the Louvre Abu Dhabi, we enabled the spectacular portrayal of incoming light and recreated it for the installation Lightscapes. Another time, we became "air vortex" designers, allowing helium filled Mylar fishes to silently float in endless circles through exhibition rooms.

In-depth insights into phenomena serve as a basis for future-proof usage in my current projects related to built environments, facilitating uncomplicated technology, low-tech or passive measures. Enthusiasm for physics and technology allows me to look optimistically into the future, as they form the foundation for forthcoming sustainable innovation.

Raphael Lafargue is one of the ten new Associate Partners who will acquire shares in Transsolar and Transplan in the near future. With the ten new Associate Partners, we begin to diversify and build a solid foundation on which the generational transition can advance in a continuous and open way.