MacKimmie Tower Renovation, Calgary, AB, Canada

MacKimmie Tower Renovation

The renovation of the University of Calgary's MacKimmie Tower is completed: As part of the Canada Green Building Council's Net Zero Carbon pilot project, the former 12-story library building was core-renovated and converted for office use, and an adjacent teaching building is being replaced with a new building.

The first milestone of the major project, the renovation of the tower - grown to a total of 15 stories - has been completed. The fully glazed, automatically controlled double facade now encloses the entire building. Commissioning to test the concept of passive temperature control of the double facade, natural ventilation and night air purge, and HVAC systems inside the building is in its final stages. With the start of the building's commissioning in the middle of the cold Canadian winter, the building's particularly good passive performance had already become apparent, thanks to the new high-performance envelope around the original structure. The adjacent extension is expected to be completed in 2022.

To refurbish it, the original concrete façade and building services had to be removed. Much of those materials were recycled. What remained was essentially the load-bearing structure and floor slabs of the building from the 1960s. Building on this, the tower was extended by two stories and enclosed with the double-skin glass façade, which provides comfort and plenty of daylight in the building, and with which the building's heat requirement is targeted to be below 30 kWh/m²a. Photovoltaic systems - integrated on the roof and in the glass façade of the extension - generate renewable electricity to supply buildings on campus.

2022 Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA) Award of Excellence
2020 Canada Green Building Council ZCB-Design v1 Certified