Climate-positive: Elobau Logistikzentrum, Leutkirch, Germany

Climate-positive: Elobau Logistikzentrum

The motto "Elobau goes green" is the guide for all the owner’s policies and decisions. The entire production is CO₂ neutral and all new buildings of Elobau are designed for energy efficiency. Every roof of their buildings is equipped with photovoltaic systems.
The new construction of the logistics center, also located in Leutkirch, utilizes the sustainable material wood. This will be an Energy Plus building as well, meaning that the 1,400 m² of PV module surface on the roof will generate more energy than is consumed. As a pure wood construction, the new structure minimizes embedded energy.
A dynamic thermal building simulation was performed to identify the optimal insulation thickness and appropriate heating and cooling systems. A mechanical ventilation system is no longer needed due to deliberately positioned windows and skylights with time-controlled night ventilation. North-oriented glazing in the shed roof and adjustable shading in the offices and hall enable an optimized use of daylight and minimize the energy demand for artificial lighting. Efficient LED lighting is used throughout the building and is dimmed when possible.
The logistics center is primarily heated by radiant panels between the wooden roof trusses whereas convectors are used in the offices. They are supplied by a biogas boiler from the factory network, reducing primary energy demand. The building is more than 90% below the EnEV threshold, when neither the power consumption of the devices nor the surplus generated by the photovoltaic systems are considered.

With a maximum peak power of about 225 kWp, the roof integrated PV system generates 2.6 times as much primary energy as is needed for the building, according to the annual balance.

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2019 DGNB Klima Positiv

Climate-positive: Elobau Logistikzentrum

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