Pediatric Hospital New Building, Zurich, Switzerland

Pediatric Hospital New Building

The Zurich children’s hospital is the largest hospital of its kind in Switzerland. It replaces the old facilities in Hottingen. Due to lack of space, and the need to update infrastructure, new facilities have been planned and are to be located in Lengg.
In May 2012, the architecture office Herzog & de Meuron won the two-stage competition for the design and construction of the new facilities. The proposed design is composed out of two forms: The 7-storey building on the north side, with its cylindrical form, contains laboratories, teaching and research spaces. The department for acute care on the south side of the grounds is a flat box with an outer façade of wood, with floors alternately jutting out and receding. Interior courtyards allow more daylight into the building and provide protected green spaces. Given its diverse programming, this southern building is more akin to a small city than a building.
Energy concepts were developed per programming type. For example, daylight and visual connection to outdoor spaces was particularly important for the 200-bed inpatient care areas. All spaces with an external façade are largely naturally ventilated via operable windows; a central air-handling unit is also used. Radiant slabs und panels heat and cool the rooms. An operable, external solar protection system and electrochromic glass ensure good daylight supply and prevent unwanted solar gains. The project is targeting SGNI certification (Swiss green building certification).
The net zero CO2 goal could not be met alone by the geothermal system (total borehole length of 23,000 m), reversible heat pump and 2,800 m² roof-top photovoltaics. Biogas and green electricity from the public utility were also needed to achieve the target.